Recipe for Summer Pudding with Carrs Flour

Summer Pudding


30 MINS prep



300g Strawberries

300g Blackberries

450g Raspberries

160g Golden Caster Sugar

7 Slices of White Bread (1 week old)

3 tbsp Water

Cream (to serve)


Carr’s Strong White Flour

This simple but stunning pudding will brighten any summer meal. Use our simple White Loaf recipe to make your loaf, then save 7 slices for this recipe.


Place the sugar and 3 tbsp of water into a large pan and gently heat until the sugar dissolves. Stir, then bring to the boil before adding all the fruit except the strawberries. Cook for 3 mins on a low heat.

Place a sieve over a large bowl and strain the fruit.

Line your pudding bowl (1.25Litre) with cling film and leave an overlap of approx. 15cm at the edges.

Cut any crusts off the bread, then cut 4 slices in half (at a slight angle). Cut 2 slices from corner to corner to create 4 triangles per slice and leave the last slice uncut.

Assemble the pudding by dipping the slices in the juices from the strained fruit. Start with the whole slice and line the bottom of the bowl with it. Next dip the 8 rectangles into the juices and use to line the sides of the bowl. If the last piece doesn’t fit, just trim as needed.

Fill the bread lined bowl with the fruit, placing strawberries in at random to distribute.

Dip the triangular bread pieces in the juice and starting at the centre, lay each piece on top of the fruit until covered. Trim any overhang with scissors, then fold the clingfilm over to cover the bottom. Place a plate with a weight on top and chill in the fridge for at least 6 hours (or ideally overnight).

When ready to serve, unfold the clingfilm, place a serving plate over the top and turn both over carefully to tip out. Decorate the top with a few fresh berries and serve with the leftover fruit juices and cream.

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